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What is a beaker bong?

What is a beaker bong?

Beaker base bongs and water pipes are one of the most classic and widely recognized styles of bongs. They have been designed to hold more water than an average straight tube bong. This increase in water volume provides faster cooling and more effective filtration removing unwanted residue and pollutants. The beaker base shape provides added stability to the bong and the larger water volume also reduces the frequency of water changes.

It's all 'bout that base.

Beaker bongs are a classic water pipe with a wide bottom that offer increased stability and a smooth smoke. Bongs in the beaker style tend to be sturdier than their straight tube counterparts, making them less likely to be knocked off the coffee table by the cat.

Another advantage of beaker bongs (vs. straight tube bongs) is that they hold more water and more smoke in the base, allowing for larger, grander hits.

Beaker bongs also have plenty of room for percs (that's short for percolators, ICYMI) that you may choose to add extra filtration to your smoking experience. Certain types of percs simply don’t fit inside a straight tube water pipe, so the beaker's big base is an important factor if you’re set on on using a specific perc.

The beaker bong and its cute cousin, the bubble bong, as well as other non-straight bottomed water pipes, tend to have more variety and creativity in their designs, since there's more surface area to work with. Some designs include a lip, a ring, or a slightly more flared base to increase the stability of the piece. If you’re looking for a truly unique piece of glass, you’re sure to find one that incorporates a beaker bottom.

A beaker bong is instantly recognizable as one of the most common styles of glass bong. Beaker bongs are specially designed to hold more water than a straight tube bong, increasing cooling and filtration. As such, beaker bongs usually hit smoother than a straight tube bong, especially when you introduce percolators, tree percs and ice catchers into the mix. these bring extra levels of filtration. Beaker bongs are a favorite among people new to the smoking world and people who have been smoking herb for years. They make great starter bongs and great gifts! Check out our selection of beaker bongs for sale, here at SmokerBar. Rather than Dab Rigs, Beaker base bongs are often used for dry herb.

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