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Diameter 60MM 4 Piece Color Drum Plastic Weed Grinder-Yellow

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For an everlasting grinder that will never let you down, check out the color drum plastic 4-Piece Grinder. It’s made of metal both inside and out, so you’ll have this grinder for years. The teeth are sharp and make grinding up sticky flowers effortless.
The top is outfitted with a magnet to prevent losing it and ensure a snug fit when grinding. The grinder’s bottom has a pollen screen that will collect your kief for you the more you use it. Experienced smokers know this is where the authentic flavor is.
To make collecting kief easier, it also comes with a custom scraping tool. With this, you can transport your kief to bowls, blunts, or joints without spilling a drop.It’s only 2.4 inch diameter as well, so traveling with this grinder is a pleasure. Just choose from a wide range of color options and enjoy perfectly ground herbs.

Herb grinder
Diameter :60MM
Layer : 4 Parts
Material : Plastic
Color : Yellow
Grinder Setup : Multi Chamber Grinders
Metal screen
Scratch-resistant metallic finish
Special Features : Magnetic Lid
Includes scrape tool
Made for Dry Herbs

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