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Match Lighter

Match Lighter

Not to be confused with the meaning of match as in matchsticks or the "permanent match" , this type of lighter consists of a length of slow match in a holder, with means to ignite and to extinguish the match. While the glowing match does not generally supply enough energy to start a fire without further kindling, it is fully sufficient to light a cigarette. The main advantage of this design shows itself in windy conditions, where the glow of the match is fanned by the wind instead of be. . . Show More >


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Frequently Asked Questions About Percolator Bongs

1, What is percolator bong?
Percolator bongs, or “percs” as they are often referred to. Percolators (Percs) within the glass water pipe provide a much-needed system of filtration that assists in cooling the smoke by breaking it up into little bubbles and increasing the surface area to be cooled down by the water for the perfect hit.
They incorporate smart design to provide the smoothest, allows the smoke to be cooled down quickly for a more pleasant inhale that isn't harsh.coolest and finely filtered smoking experience.
Percolator bongs not only the most stylish bongs out there but also the most functional.
Unlike regular bongs, percolators use tiny holes to help diffuse the smoke before it enters your lungs.
This system prevents all of the smoke from rushing into the water chamber all at once.
Percolator bongs filter, cool and moisturize your hits with features like tree percs, honeycomb percs, and different types of percolators to take away the harshness of a bong rip.
Filtering smoke through water not only cools down the hit but is also much healthier as it removes toxins from smoke.
The result? A much cleaner, cooler and smooth hit of smoke that’s efficiently filtered of any potentially nasty contaminants.
As well as being highly functional, Percolator Bongs look incredible and make the perfect table-top talking point. The smoke gets cooled down as it travels through the different percolators and can even turn into water vapor for more moisturized, smooth hits.
We offer a wide variety of different percolator bongs like honeycomb perc, tree perc, recyclers, turbine percs, and much more!

2, What is the benefit of a percolator on a bong?
For most smokers, percolators are vital to the smoking experience.
Percolators help with this by removing the byproducts of combustion like ash and tar, especially since water has the superpower of attracting non- polar contaminants.
The main reasons for having a perc in a bong is to stop the water from splashing back into your mouth, cooling the smoke down, and extra filtration. Though they're not required in a bong, they have become somewhat standard.
If you are typically used to smoking from a pipe then you know how harsh the hits can be.
For the best smoking experience, it is best to purchase products with percolators for a smooth smoke throughout.

The 10 Best Different Types Of Perc Bongs In 2022

1,The Honeycomb Perc Bong

Honeycomb bongs are one of the most popular types of bongs on the market. This is because the honeycomb perc allows for maximum filtration with little or no drag.Honeycomb bongs are still one of the best percolator bongs as they provide excellent filtration without adding any drag.
The honeycomb perc water pipes contain a type of disk perc, that looks like a honeycomb.It has a lot more diffusion than a standard perc because it contains dozens of small holes that further diffuse and divide the smoke that passes through them.
The best thing about honeycomb perc is that it is very low maintenance, and usually does not require a downstem.This allows you to clear the tube quickly and easily without any worries of pulling out the downstem.
It's quite simple, the more holes the better the diffusion, honeycomb bongs are great because they have zero drag and great flavor.It is important the holes must be the correct size because large holes won't filter the smoke efficiently and small holes will create too much drag.Honeycomb Percolators are some of our best sellers!

The Honeycomb Perc Bong

2,The Diffused Downstem Perc Bong

Diffused downstem perc bong was the simplest perc design.A downstem is a tube, usually made from glass, which runs down into the chamber of your bong. A diffused downstem is a simple glass tube that pushes the smoke down through the water,diffused downstems are either detachable or fixed to the base of the bong.
Smoke diffuses into the water through the downstems holes or slits, spreading it throughout the liquid and cooling it down.The thin pipe percolates smoke through narrow slits beneath the water.
No more harsh inhales with a diffused downstem on your favorite bong or water pipe! If you're looking for a bong stem with plenty of airflow,this diffused downstem perc bong is your best chooce!


Hi Si Hexagon Diffused Downstem Beaker Base Bong



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