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16" Straight Cylinder Spiral Perc Bong | Pink Color

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Classic, clean and effective is the best way to describe this compact, cylinder spiral perc bong that is part of our own scientific Smokerbar perc bong collection line. The Smokerbar line offers the best quality glass for the best possible price and this bong is living proof of just that.
The sturdy construction and solid design make this dry herb bong a must have for all glass collectors. The 40 cm / 16 inch tall bong is constructed from heat resistant borosilicate glass and comes equipped with a stable circular foot. The 14 mm male bowl can hold a generous amount of herb and connects seamlessly to the diffuser downstem. The diffuser downstem is kept in place firmly with the included keck clip.
The removable diffuser downstem does a great job of filtering and cooling the smoke by pulling it through its multiple slits. The smoke breaks on the water surface before continuing up passed the ice notches for extra cooling before exiting through the thick, rimmed mouthpiece. This process results in cool rich hits that are full of flavor and less harsh on the throat.


Color: Pink
Height: 40 cm / 16 inches
Glass Thickness: 5 mm
Spiral Perc With Ice Pinch
Joint Size: 18.8 mm / 14.5 mm
Accessories:diffuser downstem and glass bowl

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