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Aluminum Alloy Four-Layer Mixed Color Lightning Herb Grinder-Black

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The weed grinder has new triangle-style scrapper, slim waist design on the second piece-Easy to catch , All of them make the sanding job easier and fun.It made of high-alloy material, high material density. Collection of all materials and can reduce waste. If you want to grind sth more thoroughly, you can turn the grinder over and then grind it so that the pollen does not fall down before the triturations become small enough.
The herb grinder has a transparent lid that easy to see the progress of work , durable grinder with 54 extremely sharp blades crush dried spice or other dried plant material. Ensures extremely efficient and effortless shredding.To store yours in the middle chamber Clear design, which helps you to estimate the exact spice and with integrated neodymium magnet everything stays firmly in place so that none can fall out.Grinder with rare magnets, so that your tart fresh and the smells remain in the grinder. Ideal for grinding spice, spices, coffee, etc.

Herb grinder
Diameter :63MM
Layer : 4 Parts
Material : Aluminum Alloy
Color : Black
Grinder Setup : Multi Chamber Grinders
Metal screen
Scratch-resistant metallic finish
Special Features : Magnetic Lid
Includes scrape tool
Made for Dry Herbs

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