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Double Cross Percolator Bong | Multiple Colour

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While most percolators deliver similar diffusion only in different ways, the double cross percolator bong is really unique in its design and how the smoke is moved. This design takes a downstem filtration system and is combined with a number of cross-shaped tubes that branch off from the center. This diverts the water and smoke sideways away from the center of the pipe.
double cross percolator bong can include one is a physical glass coil with two openings that winds around the center of the chamber. While both diffuse smoke well, the glycerin coil can provide a cooler hit. To achieve this, freeze the coil. No matter the type, coil percs prove to have a striking aesthetic while giving a longer and smoother drag than many other percolators.


Color: Green,Lake Green, Brown, Blue, Black ,White
Height: 13.5 inches
Glass Thickness: 5 mm
Joint Size: 14.5 mm
Accessories: glass bowl

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