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Guevara Dual Torches Cigar Desktop Lighter

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Each lighter has a punch on itself.Put the cigar top onto the punch and press.The edge of the punch is very sharp.Please be careful when use it.Professional cigar lighter will be used when you want to smoke cigar.The flame color of cigar lighter is usually blue. Butane
gas will be needed.The smell from heavy oil lighter will pollute the cigar.So does sulfur-containing match.You also can use special cigar match.Time and patience will be be needed to ignite cigar.First,hold the cigar top with your left thumb,and the other four
fingers help to hold the cigar slighly.Then rotate the cigar softly.Ignite the lighter so the flame comes out and burn the cigar top till the circle black edging appears.At this moment,move the cigar with your left hand slightly.Please do not forget to blow the first
breath to get rid of the impurity on the top.Afterwards you can enjoy your cigar.The lighter comes delivered in an easy-to-store box and is available in a selection of different colors.Please select the color of choice from the available options in the dropdown menu when placing your order. 

Warning :Due to postal laws we are unable to ship torches prefilled.

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