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Hourglass Dab Rig With Pink Circle Perc-Pink Color

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This eye-catching dab rig features an hourglass shape and is designed for use with concentrates and waxes.

Pink color mouthpiece and circle perc

The curvy rig is constructed from colored and fumed glass and is equipped with a fixed slitted circle percolator that provides important filtration and cleaning to your hits.

The rig measures 16.5cm / 6.5 inches in height and the base of the neck is finished with a decorative Maria (pushed glass bulge) for added grip.

The sturdy bubbler works by pulling the smoke through the submerged slits in the showerhead percolator for important filtration and cleaning. 

The bubbly smoke breaks on the water surface and diffuses in the base before traveling up and out of the mouthpiece. 

This produces a smoother, cooler, cleaner tasting hit that's full of flavor. 

The base of this dab rig is flared for added stability, and the extra-thick mouthpiece creates the perfect lip seal.

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