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Liquid Sci Glass Cereal Series Box Dab Rig

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The new cereal box dab rig collection from American glassblowers Liquid Sci Glass, continues to show their out of the box thinking when it comes to innovative glass design.
Available in a number of satirical cereal box graphics, these glass crafted oil rigs are perfect for use with your chosen concentrates and will definitely stand out in any dabbing enthusiast's collection.
The team at Liquid Sci Glass equip the glass oil rig with a fixed slit diffuser that allows the smoke to break up into finer particles. This will result in a significantly cooler and smoother hit for the user.
Only to be used with oil and wax concentrates, these unique oil rigs come complete with a removeable mouthpiece, a male 14.5mm joint size and ceramic domeless nail.

Available Tree's Satirical Graphics
Joint Type:14mm male
Height: 25cm/ 10inches

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