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Smooth Smoker Cigar Humidor

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Quality Constructed Genuine Spanish Red Cedar Wood Cigar Box – Tightly sealed lid to keep your cigars fresh & protected at the ideal humidity / moisture condition.Cedar wood has excellent aroma & moisture retention properties.Movable cedar divider to organize your cigar collection easier.
High Tech Digital Hygrometer & Humidifciation System for perfect humidity control monitoring showing temperature (Fahrenheit or Celsius).Keeps your fine cigars perfectly seasoned.Easy to use.Instructions included.
Smooth,Unique & Exquisite Finish & Lockable making the perfect characterization of a fine artistic high-end furniture item that is scratch-resistant and has a felt bottom.Lock and key with tassel to keep your cigars exclusive to you.
A Perfect Humidor Cigar Box/Gift Box to protect your fine cigars for fathers,husbands,friends and any cigar / cigarette lover for birthday,award ceremony,wedding,business gift,anniversary celebration,festival,housewarming,etc.

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