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Transparent Cross-Shape Chamfer Drum-Shape 4 layer Aluminium Alloy Herb Grinder-Gold Color

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  • 2.6-inch diameter
  • Four-piece metal grinder
  • Non-stick ceramic coating
  • Neodymium magnetic top
  • Diamond cut teeth
  • Stainless steel screen
  • 100% safe - food-safe coating
  • Anodized 6061-T6 aerospace aluminum
  • Includes pollen chamber and scraping tool

This smoke grinder is a cross design, with a transparent skylight, a diameter of 63mm, made of aluminum, and made of food-grade aluminum, and the cross design allows you to see the cross rotating when grinding, As if the wheels of a car are moving forward, the visual effect is amazing. The color matching of local tyrants gold looks very high-end and tasteful, making you feel happy when grinding herbs. In addition, the grinding gear of the large gear can easily grind the herb to be fine, and it does not require you to spend more energy and time. This is a redesigned smoke grinder, the body is designed with a concave and convex façade, so that you can easily grab it when grinding, without slipping off, the delicate black electroplating surface, the silky feel, makes you feel like touching Feels like skin!

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